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Have you recently set up your business? How is it going? 

Starting a new business can be lonely and hard. Whether you chose to start your business or life circumstances drove you to become a business owner; you may be wondering what next for you regarding marketing your business and networking?

I started my business in 2017 and spent a whole year working by myself; travelling as well as working from home. Soon I found it hard to be talking to walls in my house and not really having meaningful professional connections.

I share some of my experience with the aim of inspiring you if you are new to the business world and have been wondering what type of networking will be good for your business growth.

Here is the TOP thing I have learned over the last year by joining and being an active member of BNI Quantum.

PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO HELP YOU TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS – Finding the right support can be hard, you have to go through all sorts of bad and good decisions to arrive at the right place. The place where you feel like you can trust the people to share your business information with and also be helpful to them. That is what I found with BNI, it is professional, but also like a family of people going in the same direction.

As the saying goes; you are only as good as the people you hang around with. In BNI you find people that are selfless and are willing to help you. You have all the professional services you need in one room. Depending on your chapter you can have the accountant, coach, mentor, financial advisor, car dealer, web designer, and many more. You can ask questions, take their advice, then make your own decisions, buy their services with peace of mind. Ask yourself these important questions;

  1. What can I do to help? 
  2. What help do I need?

Well in BNI you can answer both. You can help others by helping them to find referrals or referring to yourself, they will thank you for giving them the business. They will then go to work to find you your next client. But not only will they do that, but they will also make you feel important and part of the team too. Suddenly that loneliness is gone. You have something to look forward to every week while at the same time your business is growing.

Do you want to visit BNI Quantum?

Request an invitation using this link. If your type of business is not taken in the room, you will be welcome. Otherwise, you will be referred to another nearby chapter.

BNI only allows one person from a particular tread or profession. That way your fellow chapter members will be committed to promoting your business along and you will not have to compete for attention and clients.

Author: Amina Chitembo, Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion Coach at Diverse Cultures Advice and Coaching.

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