The Quantum BNI Game 2019.

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The Quantum BNI Game 2019

Results 06.06.2019

Martin Scarth and the membership committee are excited to introduce the BNI Game. The BNI game is a fun way to promote and reward members who are giving the highest effort to the chapter.


The game will run for eight weeks, from 2nd May 2019 to 27th of June 2019.

The rules of the game are fairly straight forward. The members within a team are encouraged to work together to accrue points through positive actions such as inviting visitors, punctuality, wearing their pins and producing written testimonials for other members. Members also risk losing points for things like forgetting pins, lateness or absence. You can view the details of the point system and rules below.

The game coordinator is Martin Scarth and he will keep a close eye on the tally. At the end of the eight weeks the winning team will be awarded with a prize of £250.

A word from Martin Scarth; “Remember, it may be a £50 cash prize now…but if the right visitor enters the room it could open big doors for your business.”

Remember you owe it to your team to win points. The more committed you are to the game the higher the chances for your team.

Good luck Quantum and may the best team win.


BNI Quantum members have been split into five teams, and they are as follows:

  • Red team – Rachel, Ben, Caroline and Natalie.
  • Blue team – Paul, Michael J, Susan, Ian and Amina
  • Yellow team – Alex, Chris, Rob, and Michael S
  • Green team – Jean, Brigitte, Rusty and Martin S
  • Orange team – Victor, Amir, David & John.

Points System

Points AddedPoints Assigned
Top 5 Vacant Categories visitor invited5 points
Top 5 Vacant Categories visitor joins10 points
Visitor invited3 points
Visitor Joins6 points
Internal referral passed1 point
External referral passed2 points
Written Testimonial presented WITH copy to L.Team1 point
1 -2 – 1 (Limit of 2 points per member per week)1 point
Points DeductedPoints assigned
Late for start of meeting-2 points
Absent without a substitute-4 points
Forget Door prize-3 points
Forget your badge-1 point
Forget your Pin-1 point


  • If a person joins the chapter during the game but not invited by anyone at the BNI Chapter then they will join the team with the least amount of members. If there is a tie for least number of members, they will join the one with the most amount of game points.
  • If a person invited by the chapter joins our BNI group they become a member of the team that invited them no matter what the size of the team.
  • Only 2 points per member can be received for one to ones with another member each week.
  • If any team drops below 4 members they will receive a +3 point subsidy each week for the duration of the game. If a new member joins they will still maintain this subsidy as being short of an original member.

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