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Meet Brigitte Delahoy from Forever Fabulous

Meet Brigitte Delahoy from Forever Fabulous!

Today’s main speaker at BNI Quantum, Peterborough was the fabulous Brigitte Delahoy, business owner of Forever Fabulous. Brigitte is an independent distributor of Forever Living products.

Today she educated us about the benefits of Forever products, where the Aloe Vera is grown and where the Forever products are made. She also shared that the company operates on a low carbon footprint, which makes then environmentally conscious.

Brigitte was introduced to the Forever Living initially to help with the health challenges she was experiencing with her respiratory system. She had been on steroid inhalers for several years. She was delighted with the results that drinking Aloe Gel gave her, and with the guidance of her doctor, eventually became totally free from taking inhalers. She quickly saw the potential of building an additional income with Forever business alongside her hairdressing career, and with the concept of time leverage, she saw how it would give her precious time back with her family.

She has now been running the Forever Living business full time for nearly 10 years and is very excited for what the future holds. Brigitte says:

“I am looking forward to developing a global business as now I have team members in Africa, Europe, and the USA. I believe in people before they have belief in themselves!”

After her talk today, four people in the room gave testimonials about the benefits they have received using her Forever products, it was fabulous to hear the real-life stories.

The best thing about BNI is that you get to help people in the room to understand what you do in your business with the sole aim of them getting you referrals. You can be precise about who you want the other members in the BNI to introduce you to. If for instance, you want an introduction to a particular person in a company you have earmarked, you can ask in your short presentation. The members will make efforts to get you the referral and introduction, which is always better than cold calling. It is literally like having a marketing department.

Do you think you can benefit from other people raving about your business?

All you have to do is for this link to contact us for an invitation to one of our BNI meetings.

There is no obligation to join.  When you visit you get to share your business cards, and what you are looking for, you will also go away with lots of possible business contacts to add to your networks. Click this link to book a visit.

If you want to find out more about Brigitte and her business, you can contact her on:

Phone: +44(0)7843285253

Email Brigitte

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Author: Amina Chitembo, Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion Coach at Diverse Cultures Advice and Coaching.

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