The One Rule to Work-Life Balance – By Ivan Misner, Ph.D

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The One Rule to Work-Life Balance - By Ivan Misner, Ph.D

I found this very interesting article written by the BNI founder, Ivan Misner, Ph.D. It really put a great perspective to the work-life balance debate.

I share the points I found most interesting and the link to the rest of the post:

Understanding your values and training your Doorman will help you screen all the future people who try to gain entry into your room, but what do you do with some of the negative or toxic people that are already there?

Here are two great techniques to use:

First is “Benign Neglect.”  This is where you gradually reduce contact and interaction with someone.  Assuming you don’t want to burn bridges, but you do want to remove yourself from the relationship, a gradual dis-entanglement over a period of time is very effective.  This works even when you don’t want it to.  Think about someone you really did like but with whom you lost touch over the years.  This generally happens through unplanned benign neglect.  Now, imagine achieving this with a plan.

The second way to help you address people in your room you wish you hadn’t allowed entry to is through “Homeopathic Doses.”  A homeopathic dose is the minimum dose necessary to treat a problem.  In this case, it’s about dealing with people in your room by structuring your interaction in very small doses.

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